About Selling Right Now

Make no mistake about it. I want to earn your business!

Additional Information You Might Find Useful

This list is not meant to be all-inclusive, but it does outline some of the benefits we offer when you need to sell a "headache house" Right Now.


  • We can buy the house "As Is." You make NO repairs.

  • We can save your existing equity.

  • We can assist with relocation costs.

  • We can pay your back payments.

  • We can pay your back taxes.

  • We can pay off existing property liens.

  • We can pay off existing judgments.

  • We can pay cash for the property.

  • We can close very quickly.

  • We can work with your schedule and time frame.

  • We can donate any unwanted items and dispose of all other un-needed items.

  • We can handle all related paperwork.

  • We can deal directly with your mortgage company.

  • We will always keep sensitive information about the sale of your house confidential.

  • We never charge a real estate commission when buying your house myself.

If you own a piece of real estate that is causing you sleepless nights accompanied by migraine headaches, let's talk!