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Savings As Compared To Working Under Traditional Commission Structure

Traditional Real Estate Agents charge a THREE PERCENT FEE to list your house for sale and work as your Listing Agent. At Go Flat Fee, we have established a much more affordable fee which makes the sale of your real estate more profitable for you. When you work with us as your Listing Agent, you will take advantage of our LOW, AFFORDABLE, FLAT FEE MLS Listing and you will save money.


Here is a quick breakdown of the savings gained by working with Go Flat Fee as your professional, FLAT FEE Real Estate Agent.


Please know that the savings shown below are accurate, and those savings belong to YOU when you choose to work with us.

If you have come to the conclusion that working with a flat fee real estate agent is in your best interest, we want to work with you to accomplish your real estate goals! If you still have not made that decision, keep reviewing the website or contact us. We are always glad to discuss your real estate needs to determine your best real estate solution.