"Within 2 hours...he located a beautiful home in Glenn Heights"

This is James and Melissa Blackman talking with you about Wayne Barnes and GoFlatFee.com...great guy!


My wife and I had been looking for a rent house for about two weeks with another company, located one, and told them we had to be in the house by June 16th. My wife was in contact with the company regularly between the time we located the property and the 15th. On the 15th, we contacted the company, and they informed us the house would not be ready and said we failed to provide necessary documents. A co-worker of my wife knew Wayne Barnes with GoFlatFee.com and called him on my wife's behalf. This was a Friday evening.


Wayne met with us and talked with us about price range and areas we would like to live in. He began making phone calls and searching the computer. Within 45 minutes, we were driving and looking at houses. Within 2 hours from the time we first talked with Wayne, he located a beautiful home in Glenn Heights. He then sat with us as we filled out our applications, and we were approved and able to move in by Tuesday morning. The Blackman's just want to thank GoFlatFee.com and Wayne Barnes for the help and support.


James and Melissa Blackman

Glenn Heights, TX