"That is right, I saved $9,000 using GoFlatFee.com!"

I had the pleasure of using GoFlatFee.com just recently. I cannot even imagine using the “traditional” method of selling a home again. Unless of course, I feel charitable enough to give a realtor $9,000. That is right, I saved $9,000 using GoFlatFee.com!


To be honest, I was hesitant at first. I had never sold a home before and had attempted to sell our home just 2 years earlier. I used the traditional method and it did not go well. So, now I was going to do a “For Sale By Owner”?


I was not certain I could do all of the stuff required to do in a “For Sale By Owner” sale. Wayne Barnes (the owner of GoFlatFee.com) put my mind at ease. The services I received from GoFlatFee.com was just as much if not more than from the full fee realtor. I know because I had the opportunity to try both methods very close together.


Wayne Barnes is an honest, upfront, and assertive man. The type of man you want to help you sell your home in the most efficient, stress-free, cost-effective manner. With GoFlatFee.com around, I cannot see selling my home the “traditional” (aka old fashioned) way ever again. 


THANK YOU GoFlatFee.com!! Thank you, Wayne Barnes!!!


Chris G.

Arlington, TX