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"Making Real Estate More Profitable For Everyone!"

We specialize in affordable, professional, FLAT FEE real estate services.

When SELLING a house, Go Flat Fee offers TWO ways to help.


1. If you would like to sell a house that IS marketable to the general public, Go Flat Fee charges a LOW, AFFORDABLE, FLAT FEE to represent you. On a house selling for $400,000, the home seller who works with Go Flat Fee will typically save approximately $8,000.00 in real estate commissions over the fees charged by traditional real estate agents. This reduced real estate fee gives the homeowner options. The homeowner can pocket the additional money OR consider lowering the sales price to be more competitive in the market OR offer a higher commission to any Realtor who procures a buyer.  Our reduced fees when selling a house ultimately gives the homeowner the best opportunity to make as much money as quickly as possible when selling.

2. If you as a home seller have a house that is NOT marketable to the general public due to condition, time frame, or other conditions, Go Flat Fee offers a purchase program. Go Flat Fee will thoroughly inspect the property and, in many cases, make an offer to purchase the property ASIS. This offer will be a fair offer based on the current condition of the property, and can potentially be a very good solution for the home seller.  This can help homeowners who are having to deal with properties which are behind on payments, need extensive repairs, need to be sold very quickly, or have otherwise become a “headache” property.

When BUYING a house, consider the two following, important ways Go Flat Fee saves our clients money.

1. It costs NOTHING to work with Go Flat Fee as a Buyer. Think about that. You receive expert, professional, real estate services, and it costs you NOTHING out of pocket.  The individual selling the house pays the fee to Go Flat Fee even though we represent YOU

2.  Go Flat Fee offers a COMMISSION REBATE to our clients who BUY a home using our services. Think about that. Not only does it cost you NOTHING to have us on your side with our knowledge and experience, but Go Flat Fee also REBATES TO YOU up to 25% of the commissions we receive from the seller of the property. (Contact us to discuss the details. We are always glad to discuss your needs and possible solutions.)

Go Flat Fee has purchased numerous homes to help individuals in difficult situations. Go Flat Fee has saved thousands and thousands of dollars for our clients by offering a LOW, FLAT FEE to list properties for sale and represent our clients as sellers of properties. Go Flat Fee has saved thousands and thousands of dollars for our clients by REBATING part of our commissions earned when representing them as buyers.  We can help you too. 

When you have a real estate decision to make in the North Texas area, work with a company that gives you the BEST OPTIONS. Have an experienced, professional real estate agent on your side who will creatively find ways to help you keep your hard-earned money.

For more information, Contact Us today to discuss your real estate needs in detail.