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Private Property

Buy a house

Yes...we work with home buyers regularly.


And if we work with you as your agent, we will actually REBATE directly to YOU up to 25% of the commissions we collect from the seller of the property.  Call Us to discuss details.  We are glad to discuss your real estate needs and potential real estate solutions.


Here is some important information to know before we talk.


As required by the Texas Real Estate Commission, we can only work with you if you are not working with another real estate agent at the same time. If you would like to work with Go Flat Fee, you will need to terminate (in writing) any existing real estate agent agreement. Obviously, you will have to decide if it is in your best interest to do so. If you decide that it is, reach out to your current agent and make that known, so that you can be released from that relationship in writing.


In the event that we are working together to locate your next property, you must be sure to tell sellers, agents, and real estate agents that you are working with Go Flat Fee when "house-hunting” on your own. Failing to do so could eliminate our opportunity to rebate your money. Your diligence in this matter helps you as much as anyone in the process.


The Seller of the property you wish to buy must be offering a commission to the real estate agent who procures a buyer for the property. This is the normal course of business and should not be a problem, but we like to be thorough when explaining things, so that we avoid potential pitfalls and everyone is on the same page.


You must actually close and fund the property in question.

In other words, you must actually make the purchase in order to receive a rebate or discount.


The government might want a part. (You may have to pay taxes on the rebate. Isn't that just like Uncle Sam?)

Your tax expert can discuss that with you at the appropriate time.

What are you waiting for?

We will provide you with excellent, professional real estate services.

It will cost you nothing out of pocket to work with us, and we will potentially

be able to rebate you up to 25% of the commissions we receive.

Call Us, and let's start working together to make real estate more profitable for you!

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