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Selling faq's

Can I work with if I am working with another real estate agent?

No. The Texas Real Estate Commission mandates that under the terms of an Exclusive Listing Agreement only one real estate agent can represent you at a time; however, in most cases, when you wish to terminate a listing agreement and establish a new listing agreement with another real estate agent you can do so. If you feel you would like to terminate your existing listing agreement to work with another real estate agent, contact the broker with whom you have the existing agreement to discuss the termination.

What areas do you serve?

We serve the North Texas area. We have had many requests to expand our services, but we will only do that when we are able to provide the same level of professional service we offer here to those areas as well.

Will you consider volume discounts?

Let's talk...If you are an investor or home builder or otherwise have several properties to sell, we are open to discussing volume pricing.

Is there a monthly fee or any fees other than the Plan Fee?

No. The only fee you pay to Go Flat Fee is our one-time flat fee, and that is not collected until we close on your house. We honestly believe there is no better value in the real estate business for selling your house.

What is the MLS?

MLS stands for the Multiple Listing Service. This is the service real estate agents use to advertise properties for sale to other real estate agents. When you are trying to sell, it is the single most important place to list a property for sale.

How long before real estate agents see my property on the MLS?

The process is very quick. Literally within minutes of Go Flat Fee entering the listing into the MLS software, realtors will have access to the property details. 

How long will my property be listed by

Typically our listing plan is for 12 months, but if you prefer a shorter listing, we can accommodate that.

What happens if I don't sell my property within the time frame allowed?

First, we want you to know that our goal is to never reach the end of a listing agreement without selling your property. With that said, it can happen.  If we reach the end of our listing agreement and you are interested in starting a new agreement to continue our relationship, we will create a new listing under the same terms as our previous listing and apply a further discount to our already low fee. If you do not wish to continue with us at that time, that is up to you as well.

Can I also attempt to find a buyer on my own?

Absolutely...and this is one of the most powerful aspects the business relationship between you and Go Flat Fee. The vast majority of real estate agents DO NOT allow this type of relationship and will collect their FULL commissions even if you find the buyer. When you work with us under our standard Exclusive Agency Agreement, if you locate a buyer before the real estate agents working to find your buyer, we will facilitate the transaction at a reduced commission. (Ask about this when we is truly a powerful potential to save even more money when selling your property.)

Do I have to pay the real estate agent who finds my buyer?

Yes. Remember, we are discounting our fee for listing the property, but any real estate agent who brings a buyer that buys the house is due a commission.

How much will I typically pay to the agent who secures the buyer for my property?

The short answer is that this is something we can discuss when preparing to list your property for sale with Go Flat Fee. The industry standard is 3%, but we have worked with clients who paid 2.0% and 2.5% and even a few clients who offered 3.5% or 4% or a selling bonus of a specified dollar amount. We understand exactly what it takes to find the right house for a potential buyer, and it is significant work, so we want to be sure to offer an amount that will be attractive to agents showing properties in the area. With that said, we will always look for ways to NET you the highest amount of money on the sale of your property, so we will suggest an amount which we believe will be in your best interest. Generally, it will be 2.5% - 3%.

Who handles phone calls and appointments for the property?

When you go with our Flat Fee Listing Plan, our services include a scheduling service. We hire a professional scheduling company to handle calls and the scheduling of showings, inspections, and appraisals at no extra cost to you. (Remember our total fee for listing the property is the fee we agree upon with you when you list with us, and is not due to us until the property closes!

Where can I buy a lockbox for my property?

Our Standard Plan includes a lockbox; however, if you would like to use your own Lock Box, Home Depot® carries Lock Boxes in the area of the store where keys are sold.

Are your fees negotiable?

We are willing to discuss your thoughts on this subject.

How do you handle confidential information during the process?

The information you share with Go Flat Fee is not shared with others unless we are legally bound to do so. For example, if you tell us an amount you are willing to accept for your property while we are working for you as your real estate agent, that stays between you and Go Flat Fee. If you provide us with personal information you don't want others to know, we hold that information in the strictest of confidence. When you are our client, we represent you and only your interests.

How do I contact you if I have additional questions?

Call the main office number at 972-693-7772 or you are welcome to use our Contact Page. We will always do our best to be available for you any time you have questions.


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