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Buying faq's

How much will rebate on a property I buy?

When you agree to work with to locate and purchase a home, we will rebate up to 25% of the commission we receive from the seller of the home you purchase. Contact us to discuss in more detail.

Why are you willing to rebate up to 25% of your commission?

We see that the way real estate is bought and sold has changed over the years. In today's real estate market, home buyers are much more involved in the process. For example, approximately 85% of home buyers start their search online. We believe that if you are willing to partner with us to be involved in the process (as we believe you want to be), we are willing to REBATE some of the commissions we earn. Don't misunderstand us. We make ourselves available to our clients. We will not leave you out on an island by yourself, and you are not obligated to be as involved as we are suggesting, but many of our clients enjoy being more involved in the process.  When working with buyers, we discuss with them in detail what they are seeking and then conduct research and typically send them several properties meeting their criteria. Our clients then take time to review the listings, and in most cases, even drive by some (or several) of the homes (viewing the outside of the homes as well as the neighborhood, traffic etc.) Once our clients identify the properties with the most potential...we schedule a time to walk through and evaluate those properties together. In this way, you and Go Flat Fee work together to make the most of our efforts! Contact us if you would like to discuss this in more detail.

Do I have to pay you to represent me when I am buying a property?

NO. You do not have any money out of pocket when we work with you as a buyer. The seller pays our fee (even though we work only for you.) Now, consider do not have to pay a penny for our have our professional real estate experience working for will potentially receive up to 25% of the commissions we make as a rebate or a discount on the property itself...why wouldn't you want to work with us to purchase your next property? 

Is rebating your commissions legal?

Yes. The money can be rebated as long as... 

1. You are a principal in the deal (typically a buyer or seller.)

2. Your Lender (if you are working with a lender) allows the rebate. (Note: In cases where the Lender will not allow the rebate, we will gladly talk with the seller's real estate agent about discounting the property price by the same amount we are willing to reduce our commission. This is generally acceptable since the Seller will still receive the same NET proceeds from the sale.

Can you rebate the money to my friend or family member?

No. Remember, the Texas Real Estate Commission requires the rebate be given to someone who is a principal in the transaction.

Will your company offer the rebate on "low commission percentage" properties?

In many cases, Yes. Once you meet with us, you will see very clearly that we are interested in providing you with the best, professional, real estate service possible while keeping your costs as low as possible. We seek out ways to save you money...that is one of the main reasons we started this company long before most agents ever considered offering reduced rates or rebates on their commissions. We saw there was a need for more competitively priced professional real estate agents.

Will you help with the negotiations and other issues in the process?

Yes. Please rest assured that we will be available to answer questions and offer professional advice throughout the entire buying process.  We do not limit our services just because we limit the cost to you. We provide you with professional, full service real estate expertise. You will have an advocate on your expert...who works to promote your interests in the real estate transaction.

How do I contact you if I have additional questions?

Please call our office or use our Contact Us Page if you prefer, and we will do our best to questions or comments as promptly as possible.

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